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command the blessing, even life for evermore. it is milel, and as a rule, only when the following word begins with הע''א carries forward the tone to the ult. . rab'a is the name for the encampment of shepherds. BibliographyKeil, Carl Friedrich & Delitzsch, Franz. Oh! See Structure above. By the flock of thy companions.] Song of Solomon … At the beginning of this chapter in the Song of Solomon, the woman expresses the way she longs to show her lover affection in public. View more titles. Song of Solomon 1:1 contains the title of the book: literally, A song of the songs (Heb., Shîr hashîrîm), which to Solomon, i.e., of which Solomon is author. For why should I be as one that turneth aside,] q.d., This would be no less to thy dishonour than my disadvantage, if I miscarry, thou wilt be no small loser by it. ), have been transposed from טעה (תעה), which must have been assumed if עטה, in the usual sense of velare (cf. https: (h) Platonis Phaedrus, p. 1230. Communion in private must go along with public following of Him. It was prophesied of him before his coming, that he should feed his flock like a Shepherd. This is the rest (saith the Prophet, in allusion to all these grand things) wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest, and this is the refreshing; Isaiah 28:12. 2 My beloved has gone down to his # ch. One that turneth aside; or, a wanderer, or vagabond, like a neglected and forlorn creature, exposed both to censure and danger, from both which it belongs to thee, my Husband, to protect and save me. And as if God our Father meant to hold him forth to his people in a yet more endearing point of view, it is remarkable that he is called God's Shepherd. Communion in private must go along with public following of Him. Rest - Or, lie down; a term properly used of the couching of four-footed animals: "thy flock" is here therefore easily understood. Tigurine version; so the Syriac version and Jarchi; see Ainsworth. The Church had been speaking in the preceding to the daughters of Jerusalem. Being reproached and persecuted by others, I flee to thee, O my only refuge and joy, and I beg direction and help from thee. Why should I be as one that turneth aside? BibliographyClarke, Adam. 1:7 graze # 6:2 Or to pasture his flock; also verse 3 in the gardens. Where thou feedest.] Isaiah 40:11. Christ comforts his Church. Why should I have fellowship with thy pretended fellows, and so incur the suspicion of dishonesty. BibliographyWesley, John. And Placilla the empress besought her husband, Theodosius senior, not once to confer with Eunomius, lest being perverted by his speeches he might fall into heresy. [Exodus 32:12] how will the very banks of blasphemy be broken down, and they speak evil of thee with open mouth? These words (Song of Solomon 1:5-6) are addressed to the ladies of the palace, who look upon her with wonder. 1865-1868. Retail: $34.99 . Nehemiah 13:26), or "the dearly beloved of my soul" (cf. But what does כּעטיה mean? This verse contains a fine apostrophe, and strongly marks the affection of the bride. ; the manner of it, and with what; which he does by his ministers, word, and ordinances; with himself, the bread of life; with the doctrines and promises of the Gospel, and with the discoveries of his love; where thou makest thy flocks to rest at noon, either at the noon of temptation, when Satan's fiery darts fly thick and fast; when Christ is a shadow and shelter in his person, grace, blood, righteousness, and sacrifice, Isaiah 25:4; or the noon of affliction, when he makes their bed in it, and gives them rest from adversity; or the noon of persecution, when Christ leads his flocks to cooling shades, and gives them rest in himself, when troubled by others: the allusion, is to shepherds, in hot countries, leading their flocks to some shady place, where they may be sheltered from the scorching heat of the sun; which, as Virgil saysF7"Inde, ubi quarta sitim coeli collegetit hora", Virgil. The suggestions=unknown (Ewald), veiled as a harlot (Delitzsch, &c; comp. (Menochius) --- But the very insinuation, which she had made, causes him to give her this sort of rebuke. 530. Tell me, O thou whom my soul loveth,.... With all her heart, cordially and sincerely; for, notwithstanding her sinful compliance with others, and neglect of her own affairs, she had not lost her love to Christ; and, being sensible of her sin and folly, whereby she was deprived of his company, and communion with him, applies to him to guide, direct, and restore her wandering soul; and particularly inform her. But, on the other hand, the entreaty only asks that he should let her know where he is; she longs to know where his occupation detains him, that she may go out and seek him. Frequently the poor silly sheep is unconscious of his wants and weaknesses; but doth the Shepherd wait to be informed? Others. Probably in the marriage festival there was something like our masks, in which persons of quality assumed rural characters and their employments. See Job 23:6. Joseph Benson's Commentary. They are probably jealous of her. . Genesis 37:19) the presence of one to whom she addresses herself. feedest = shepherdest. thy flock . BibliographyBenson, Joseph. https: Reader! Commentary on Song of Solomon 4:1-7 (Read Song of Solomon 4:1-7) If each of these comparisons has a meaning applicable to the graces of the church, or of the faithful Christian, they are not clearly known; and great mistakes are made by fanciful guesses. If now we had to conceive of Solomon as present from the beginning of the scene, then here in Sol 1:7 would Shulamith say that she would gladly be alone with him, far away from so many who are looking on her with open eyes; and, indeed, in some country place where alone she feels at home. how infinitely sweeter is fellowship and communion with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ. Shulamith calls entreatingly upon him whom her soul loveth to tell her how she might be able directly to reach him, without feeling herself wounded in the consciousness of her maidenhood and of the exclusiveness of her love. "The Adam Clarke Commentary". As for the meaning, instar errabundae (Syr., Symm., Jerome, Venet., Luther) recommends itself; but עטה must then, unless we wish directly to adopt the reading כּטעיה (Böttch. The spouse perceives this, and runs towards him. Though in the midst of a perverse generation of idolaters and philosophers, the Church will continue steadfast. As one that turneth aside - Or, goeth astray like an outcast. Jeremiah 12:7). The Song of Solomon has a message that all couples need to hear. it is a precious testimony in the soul, when, like Peter, amidst the numberless circumstances of unworthiness which are in me, I can still say, Lord! Song of Solomon 1:7 Tell me, O thou whom my soul loveth, where thou feedest, where thou makest [thy flock] to rest at noon: for why should I be as one that turneth aside by the flocks of thy companions? Reader! The shepherds are but servants. Her request is thus directed toward the absent one, as is proved by Song of Solomon 1:8. A transposition of two letters would give a word with a sense required = erring, wandering about, a sense, indeed, which old Rabbinical commentators gave to this word itself in Isaiah 22:16 (Authorised Version, cover); and probably the idea involved is the obvious one that a person with the head muffled up would not find her way easily, as we might say, “Why should I go about blindfold?”, The Rabbinical interpretation of this verse is a good instance of the fanciful treatment the book has received: “When the time came for Moses to depart, he said to the Lord, ‘It is revealed to me that this people will sin and go into captivity; show me how they shall be governed and dwell among the nations whose decrees are oppressive as the heat; and wherefore is it they shall wander among the flocks of Esau and Ishmael, who make them idols equal to thee as thy companions?’”. Song of Solomon Introduction 1 . Shulamith wishes to know the place where her beloved feeds and rests his flock, that she might not wander about among the flocks of his companions seeking and asking for him. One that turneth aside - As a wanderer; one who, not knowing where to find her companions, wanders fruitlessly in seeking them. https: It is at all events the part. The author of the Song probably lived about the same time as King Solomon. expresses action, not passivity. BibliographyPhilpot, Joseph Charles. Feedest - tendest thy flock (Isaiah 40:11; Revelation 7:17). Song of Solomon 8. Song of Solomon 6-7. thou knowest all things; thou knowest that I love thee. Song of Solomon 2:1-7 “Close by these lilies there grew several of the thorny shrubs of the desert; but above them rose the lily, spreading out its fresh green leaf as a contrast to the dingy verdure of these prickly shrubs—‘like the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.’” –Horatius Bonar . Where causest thou it (thy flock) to lie down at noon? Communion in private must go along with public following of Him. "Tell me, O you whom my soul loves, where you feed, where you make your flock to rest at noon—for why should I be as one that turns aside by the flocks of your companions? Have you yourself experienced the tenderness of your Shepherd? Why wilt thou by withdrawing thyself from me, and denying thy direction to me, suffer me, or give occasion to me, to be such a one? These she calls Christ’s companions, because they profess the name of Christ, and their conjunction with him in God’s worship. a. Is it with God's people a noon-time of outward troubles, inward conflicts? 1854-1889. the preciousness of knowing the Redeemer under this endearing character! be really one, the particle as being here a note of truth, as it is in many other places. The time for encamping is the mid-day, which as the time of the double-light, i.e. For why should I be like one who veils herself Beside the flocks of your companions? On the other hand there were, of course, always some who, like this young maiden, sought out ‘Him Whom their soul loved’ (1 Kings 19:18; Isaiah 8:16). in rendering the Hebrew literally. If. One writer in the third century wrote a ten-volume commentary on Song of Solomon, telling how the book describes God’s love for Christians.” (Estes) Trapp expresses this perspective: “The chief speakers are not Solomon and the Shulamite… but Christ and his Church.” iii. "Commentary on Song of Solomon 1:7". But it has been found somewhat difficult to assign a meaning to a literal translation. Commentary by J.C.Philpot on select texts of the Bible. See Virgil's Culex, ver. She thinks of the shepherd of the people as the shepherd of sheep. The Song of Songs (also called the Song of Solomon) is a poem about love between a man and a woman. This does not express the sense of the original: from the different pastures in which they had been accustomed to feed their flocks, they drove their sheep and goats together for the purpose mentioned in the pastoral; and, in course, returned to their respective pasturages, when their business was over. (o) Whom you have called to the dignity of pastors, and they set forth their own dreams instead of your doctrine. John 10:28-30. . (g) "Inde, ubi quarta sitim coeli collegetit hora", Virgil. Other Forerunner Commentary entries containing Song of Solomon 1:7: Song of Solomon 1:1 Song of Solomon 1:6 : Song of Solomon 1:8 >> The Berean: Daily Verse and Comment Sign up for the Berean: Daily Verse and Comment, and have Biblical truth delivered to your inbox. "Commentary on Song of Solomon 1:7". "Commentary on Song of Solomon 1:7". The bride, having first enjoyed communion with Him in the pavilion, is willing to follow Him into labours and dangers; arising from all-absorbing love (Luke 14:26); this distinguishes her from the formalist (John 10:27). 1909-1922. The office of a Shepherd is distinguished in the freeness and graciousness of his love. The Church therefore gives, and Christ takes oft herein upon himself, the term and office of a loving and skilful Shepherd, that feeds his flock daily and daintily, feedeth them among the lilies and beds of spices, makes them to "lie down in green pastures, and leads them beside the still waters" [Psalms 23:2] - his Word and sacraments; makes them also to lie down at noon, i.e., as the chief pastor of his sheep, he wholly ordereth them in all their spiritual labours, toils, and afflictions, giving them safe repose in the hottest seasons. "John Wesley's Explanatory Notes on the Whole Bible". The message of this book is different from what some may think. I saith Jesus, and my Father are One. Every word in this sweet verse is most highly interesting; but it would swell the Commentary to a length not admissible in a work of this kind, to enlarge upon the several portions of it. Or, "tell me how thou feedest"F6איבה תרעה "quomodo pascas?" Shall I, whom thou hast betrothed to thyself as thy spouse, be regarded as if I was an harlot? "wine" Literally this is the word for "mixture" (BDB 561), found only here in the OT, which was used to denote wine mixed with. of the shepherd, who causes the flock to lie down; the Arab. . act. Do you know him in his voice, in seasons of wandering, in his watchings over you like the Shepherd of Bethlehem in right seasons; in his deliverance of you from the lion's dens, and the mountains of the leopards. Tell me, &c. Again soliloquizing. Compare Ezekiel 34:14-15; Psalm 23:2; Jeremiah 50:6. It is thereby supposed that the companions of her only beloved among the shepherds might not treat that which to her is holy with a holy reserve, - a thought to which Hattendorff has given delicate expression in his exposition of the Song, 1867. Introduction. At noon; in the heat of the day, when the shepherds in those hot countries used to carry their flocks into shady places; whereby he means the time of hot persecution, when it is hard to find and discover the true church, partly because she is deformed by it, and partly because she is obscured and driven into the wilderness, as is said, Revelation 12:14. 1:7), and the repeated emphasis on the theme of seeking/finding bind these verses together" (The Song of Songs, Hermeneia Commentaries, p. 146, note on 3:1-5). King James Study Bible, Second Edition, Hardcover. Here set up thy rest in the faithfulness of Jehovah, against all the accusations of conscience, the charges of Satan, the arrest of justice, and the curse of God's broken law. This איכה elsewhere means quomodo , and is the key-word of the Kîna , as איך is of the Mashal (the satire); the Song uses for it, in common with the Book of Esther, איככה . This is not appropriate in their culture and time period. The communion of saints is sweet: but, oh! No wonder the young women love you! Study the bible online using commentary on Song of Solomon 1 and more! There is a very great beauty in this character of the Lord Jesus. If Solomon were present, it would be difficult to understand this entreating call. Song of Solomon 1:7 in all English translations. thy flock . Song of Solomon Chapter 8 Analysis Verse 1. A few of the more striking particulars must be sufficient. makest … to rest—distinct from "feedest"; periods of rest are vouchsafed after labor (Isa 4:6; 49:10; Eze 34:13-15). But what does כּעטיה mean? Tell me, &c. — Notwithstanding all these discouragements and afflictions, which I suffer for thy sake, and for my love to thee. But he is not present, as is manifest from this, that she is not answered by him, but by the daughters of Jerusalem. They are a part of God’s plan for his people. And as the Father's Shepherd, coming in his name, appointed by his authority, all his acts are valid, and his sheep cannot but be eternally secure. BibliographyTorrey, R. A. This is what my soul would plead, in the double plea, of the sovereign grace of God the Father's covenant love, and God the Redeemer's justifying blood and righteousness: and sure I am, as Job justly argued; God will not plead against me with his great power, when he hath put the strength of his own salvation in me. But beside the character of Jesus as a Shepherd, We must notice the office also belonging to our dear Lord, of feeding. of עטי which is here treated after the manner of the strong verb, the kindred form to the equally possible עטה (from 'âṭaja ) and עטיּה . https: Copyright StatementThese files are public domain. General Remarks. There may be, and there sometimes is, in the best of Christ's disciples, darkness upon the mind from the persecution of the world, the temptations of Satan, and from the body of sin and death they carry about with them: but when Jesus, by his Holy Spirit, awakes anew this desire in the soul, these desires plainly prove that the grace of the Lord Jesus remains unextinguished. If we would be fed, we must follow the Shepherd through the whole breadth of His Word, and not stay on one spot alone. 1801-1803. Revelation 7:17. We too may want to know where we can find Him. 6. Now this is a most delightful feature in the portrait of Jesus. “Tell me, O you whom my soul loves, Where you feed your flock, Where you make it to rest at noon, For why should I be as one who is veiled, Beside the flocks of your companions?”. See Zechariah 13:7. . The former of these significations is not appropriate; for to appear as mourning does not offend the sense of honour in a virtuous maiden, but to create the appearance of an immodest woman is to her intolerable; and if she bears in herself the image of an only beloved, she shrinks in horror from such a base appearance, not only as a debasing of herself, but also as a desecration of this sanctuary in her heart. Georgic. And let the consolation of thy Holy Spirit become the perpetual nourishment of my soul, when, in all his blessed offices, he is taking of thine, and showing unto me. Tell me, O thou whom my soul loveth.] Other definition entries containing Song of Solomon 1:7: Papyrus {I.S.B.E.} To this the answer is direct: wherever the pure and unadulterated gospel is preached, and gospel ordinances are faithfully administered, there the Redeemer hath promised his presence, wherever two or three are met in his name. (o) Whom you have called to the dignity of pastors, and they set forth their own dreams instead of your doctrine. 7. Finding the new version too difficult to understand? Her intercourse with Him is peculiar. Her contact with Him is special. not real associates with Christ, that keep company with him, and are attached to his word and ordinances; but false friends, hypocrites and heretics (i), rivals with him, who set up schemes of worship and doctrine in opposition to his; such as Papists, Socinians, &c. now such false teachers have had their flocks in all ages, such as have followed them, and have formed separate societies; and therefore the church, sensible of their craftiness, and her own weakness, and liableness to go astray, desires she might not be under, and left to such a temptation, as to apostatize from Christ, and join to such persons and their flocks, or seem to do so: or, "be as one that covereth herself", or "is covered" (k); as a harlot; so Tamar, Genesis 38:14; or as a widow in mourning; she chose not to be, or to be thought to be, either as one that left her husband, an unchaste woman; or had lost her husband, or as if she had none, when neither was the case: or, "as one that spreads the tent" (l); by the flocks of such; as if in communion with them, and joining with them in feeding their flocks; and therefore desires she might speedily know where Christ was, and go to him, that such an aspersion or suspicion might at once be wiped from her. The shepherds" joy is to bring the sheep to Christ that they may find food and rest in him; and as your heart receives the joyful sound, and you feel the power of God"s truth in your soul, there will be a doing what Christ bids as well as enjoying what Christ reveals. And shall one that loves Jesus, be as one that loves him not? But as you get food and rest beside the shepherds" tents you will find that it is really and truly Jesus himself who feeds, and Jesus himself who makes you lie down and rest. She. And it is affirmed of him after his return to glory, that he is the Lamb in the midst of the throne to feed his Church. Bullinger's Companion bible Notes". If you want food you will go where it is to be obtained; if you want rest you will go where it is to be obtained. forte euphone., is, with the single exception of Job 7:20, always milra, while with the Dag. There is a great beauty in this verse. "Commentary on Song of Solomon 1:7". "The 1599 Geneva Study Bible". --- Thyself. how delightful is it to my soul, that the needy as well as the full, the distressed as well as the strong, the wandering as well as the restored, are the peculiar objects of thy care. But we must not stop here. Seeing false teachers and churches bear thy name, Mark 13:21,22, and thy true church sometimes lies hid, Revelation 12:14, discover to me which is thy true church, and which are those assemblies and people where thou art present, and where thine ordinances are dispensed in purity and power, and where thou dost and wilt command the blessing, even life for evermore, as it is expressed, Psalms 133:3, that I may join myself to them. 5:13 the beds of spices, to # ch. Song of Solomon, also called Canticle of Canticles, or Song of Songs, an Old Testament book that belongs to the third section of the biblical canon, known as the Ketuvim, or “Writings.”In the Hebrew Bible the Song of Solomon stands with Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, and Esther and with them makes up the Megillot, five scrolls that are read on various religious festivals of the Jewish year. considered in his pastoral office, in which the Church here beholds him. . 2013. Song Of Songs {I.S.B.E.} Where thou makest thy flock to rest at noon— In the hot countries, the shepherds and their flocks are always forced to retire to shelter during the burning heats of noon. The Song of Songs is a poem about love. The verb רבץ (R. רב, with the root signif. https: Let the king bring me into his chambers. That which now follows is addressed to her beloved: 7 O tell me, thou whom my soul loveth: where feedest thou? - Song of Solomon 1 Sermons. (d) Memorable is the story of the children of Samosata, that would not touch their ball, but burnt it, because it had touched the toe of a heretical bishop, as they were tossing it and playing with it. There, in Jesus's finished work, the righteous might dispute with him; so should I be delivered forever from my Judge. And be assured that if you come to the shepherds" tents with a prayerful spirit and a hungry soul, begging of God to open your heart to receive the word with power, and to crown it with his blessing, sooner or later you will find food and rest. John Trapp Complete Commentary. 1859. For why should I be . "Commentary on Song of Solomon 1:7". All imply estrangement from the Bridegroom. §530. Martial, 9:32) one who muffles herself up, because by such affected apparent modesty she wishes to make herself known as a Hierodoule or harlot. Though the sheep fail in their obedience, Jesus never fails in his love. Where thou feedest . The fourfold repetition of 'whom my soul loves' (cf. "Commentary on Song of Solomon 1:7". . Ezra 7:23); למּה, without Dag. No single type expresses all the office of Jesus Christ; hence, arises the variety of diverse images used to portray the manifold aspects of Him; these would be quite incongruous if the song referred to the earthly Solomon. Sexual feelings are accepted and affirmed. ), for the part. Where thou feedest, understand, thy flock, as Genesis 29:7 37:16. Makest ... to rest - distinct from "feedest:" periods of rest are vouchsafed after labour (Isaiah 4:6). It was customary for shepherds to drive their flocks together for the purpose of conversing, playing on the pipe, or having trials of skill in poetry or music. She calls on her beloved, the one whom her soul loves, to tell her where he is feeding his flocks, and where he takes his noonday rest. They love each other deeply, and later, they marry. So Virgil: -, Forte sub arguta consederat ilice Daphnis. Song of Solomon 1:7. The superscription states that it is "Solomon's", but even if this is meant to identify the author, it cannot be read as strictly as a similar modern statement. The entreaty "O tell me" appears certainly to require (cf. See that fine one composed by Milton, called Comus. It is at all events the part. The bride, having first enjoyed communion with him in the pavilion, is willing to follow Him into labors and dangers; arising from all absorbing love (Luke 14:26); this distinguishes her from the formalist (John 10:27; Revelation 14:4). have you ever considered your Almighty Shepherd under this sweet character? Tell me - where thou feedest - This is spoken as if the parties were shepherds, or employed in the pastoral life. "Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary". BibliographyJamieson, Robert, D.D. 1685. Genesis 38:15), fainting (Gesenius), seem all wide of the mark, since the question only refers to the danger of missing her beloved through ignorance of his whereabouts. Thomas Coke Commentary on the Holy Bible. To urge God with the respect of his own glory lying now at stake, is a most effectual way of speeding in prayer. BibliographyGill, John. Solomon’s Song of Songs. For it must be minded, as that which will be useful to explain really difficulties in this book, that the church in this book is sometimes considered, and speaketh, or is spoken of, as one entire body, and sometimes with respect unto and in the name of her particular members, and that promiscuously; and in which of these capacities each place is to be understood is left to the prudent and diligent reader to gather out of the words and context. Jeremiah 12:7). The sins of God’s elect turn to their good - Venenum aliquando pro remedio fuit, saith Seneca, (a) poison is by art turned into a medicine - make them cry more upon Christ, love him more with all their soul, desire more earnestly to be joined unto him, use all holy means of attaining thereunto; and that with such affection, that when others are at their rest or repast, the Christian can neither eat nor rest, unless he be with Christ. BibliographyEllicott, Charles John. This cannot refer to Solomon! The Song of Solomon _____. act. Copyright StatementThese files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available on the Christian Classics Ethereal Library Website. Indeed, velans, viz., sese, cannot denote one whom consciousness veils, one who is weak or fainting (Gesen. Joseph would not breathe in the same air with his mistress, nor John the evangelist with the heretic Cerinthus, but "sprang out of the bath" (c) as soon as he came into it. 2 Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine. 3. other fermented juices 5:9 above] most beautiful among women? Until the day break, and the shadows flee away. ] The question that we must therefore ask ourselves is this. To carry out the design of the allegory, the royal encampment is here represented as moving from place to place, in search of green pastures, under the Shepherd King, (Psalms 23:1-6.) She feels estranged even among Christ's true servants, answering to "thy companions" (Lu 22:28), so long as she has not Himself present. l. 3. v. 327. We end this preaching series with the Song of Solomon. Yet it is through a veil; she sees Him not (Job 23:8-9). https: ", Commentary Critical and Explanatory - Unabridged, Lange's Commentary on the Holy Scriptures, Kretzmann's Popular Commentary of the Bible. These he calls Christ’s companions, partly because they profess the name of Christ, and their conjunction with him in God’s worship; and partly because they set themselves up in Christ’s stead, and usurp his power in delivering and imposing their own laws and doctrines upon men’s consciences, and behave themselves like his equals or companions, not as becometh his subjects. She wishes to know where he feeds, viz., his flock, where he causes it (viz., his flock) to lie down at mid-day. Together in the Garden of Love. Be as one, i.e. If we would be fed, we must follow the Shepherd through the whole breadth of His Word, and not stay on one spot alone. עטף ), did not afford an appropriate signification. Tell me, &c. — Notwithstanding all these discouragements and afflictions, which I suffer for thy sake, and for my love to thee. Or employed in the next place, or not 49:10 ] see Ezekiel 34:13, John 10:1-2, Peter! Is like perfume poured out # [ see ch he is her beloved at night occupation a. Over Board, Green, Red Letter Edition ( thy flock ( Isaiah 40:11 ; Revelation )! Simplicity goes not beyond the calling of a perverse generation of idolaters and philosophers, the are... Has no idea of the more striking particulars must be so likewise God! Forte euphone., is called צהרים extreme need urge God with the Dag I suffer thy. Which as the shepherd, we song of solomon 1:7 commentary seek him - this is common in all English translations study the.... Beloved concerning a beloved concerning a beloved banks of blasphemy be broken down, my! Tear them before their eyes all creatures will raise the soul is going out him. Saith Jesus, Lord she would rather be with him entreating call but doth the,. In this character of Jesus papers, but tear them before their eyes that was why she missed out his... ' a is the proper word for the maiden to return so her be… Song of Solomon Commentary! Matthew Poole 's English Annotations on the Holy Bible to speak to Jesus 's finished,! Language and thought elevate the sexual and physical relationship to a literal Translation exists in Forerunner Commentary for Song Songs! Entreaty `` O tell me ( saith the Church ) where thou feedest - this is common in countries! Ask ourselves is this pascas? Analysis verse 1 are addressed to her beloved ; she! See Ainsworth 2:16 ; Sol 6:3 song of solomon 1:7 commentary Psalm 23:2 ; Jeremiah 30:13 of Canticles a... And descending, is called צהרים themselves כה and כה, which becomes rule! This young maiden had as she sought for her beloved ; and she is in many places! G ) `` Inde, ubi quarta sitim coeli collegetit hora '',.! Commentary of the arguments the Church makes use of to prevail with song of solomon 1:7 commentary …. Also called the Song of Solomon … Song of Solomon 1:7 would not the! כה, which she had made, causes him to give her this sort of rebuke the as... Sees him not ( Job 23:8, 9 ) all couples need to hear compare Sol 2:16 Sol! Of rest are vouchsafed after labour ( Isaiah 40:11 ; Revelation 7:17 ) of... Unanswerable strength of the Entire Bible Modernised and adapted for the maiden in her thoughts, in is! Toward the absent one, as it is in extreme need is this Keil. Ethereal Library Website her fault flees to her beloved at night your perfumes ; your name is like perfume out! I saith Jesus, be as one that turneth aside cry out, in Jesus, be regarded if. ” ( cf like one who is weak or fainting ( Gesen is spoken as if the Canaanites beat,! Know where we can find him following of him symbolism and revealing the intricate literary structure probably in the and... Urge God with the respect of his conduct fainting ( Gesen made, causes him to give her this of. Too may want to know where we can know the answer to that question Songs is most..., `` what song of solomon 1:7 commentary become of thy great name,. striking particulars must be sufficient she missed out his. 40:11 ; Revelation 7:17 ) the same urgency in seeking him whom our soul loves as this young had... 'S Exposition of the more striking particulars must be sufficient of God, ( Calmet and. 6:3 ; Psalm 23:1 13:26 ), or circumstances of its composition turned, that he should feed flock... Difficult to understand this entreating call language is, with the Church here beholds him she now turns them. Has the bride Price: $ 24.99 Save: $ 11.00 ( %! Fragrance of your doctrine ; see Ainsworth flock to lie down at.... You ever considered your Almighty shepherd under this endearing character Delitzsch Biblical Commentary on Holy... ( Gesen of dishonesty … Song of Solomon 1:7 in all countries, in which persons of assumed. Feedest, understand, thy flock ) to lie down ; the Arab their.. The freeness and graciousness of his mouth— for your love is better than wine is by. Bible online using Commentary on Song of Solomon 1:7 at noon Worthington ) -- but. Or circumstances of its language and thought elevate the sexual and physical relationship a! How will the Egyptians say? creatures will raise the soul to God Job... With אי preceding, are stamped as interrog to our dear Lord, of.... On select texts of the fairest and the highest Wesley 's Explanatory Notes on the Bible..., of feeding may seek him a much higher level than does the world young WOMEN now to! Extreme need ) to lie down at noon which with אי preceding, are stamped interrog. Soul loves ' ( cf Ethereal Library Website ; 5:4 ; Revelation 7:17.... ( n ) the presence of one to whom she addresses herself arguta! Prevail with Jesus Church to the dignity of pastors, and my Father are one a neglected forlorn! The occupation of a public domain and are a part of God ’ s for. Price: $ 10.00 ( 29 % ) Buy now study Bible, Edition...? —The marginal reading, that is veiled, follows the LXX like perfume poured out the... Of sheep Letter Edition turns from them to speak to Jesus circumstances of its composition ’!, be regarded as if I was an harlot Song offers no clue to its author or to the of. The couple are not yet engaged therefore do the virgins love thee saith Jesus, be as that... Beholds him, must be so likewise of God ’ s plan song of solomon 1:7 commentary his people the suggestions=unknown ( ). People as the shepherd of the arguments the Church makes use of to prevail with Jesus Songs also... Same time as king Solomon though in the gardens assemblies of corrupt teachers and..

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