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Jacobs Ladder. Plus the Marcy is very affordable. Recommended read: Ultimate Guide to Resistance Bands (And Which One You Need), This is the number one exercise for chest, and definitely the most famous one. Lat pull down machine, Dumbbell and barbell bent over rows. Precor. Price Range: Budget machines begins at under $100. Machine Name : Hyperextension machine, Roman Chair, Roman Bench, Hyper Bench. Slam Ball. It's also a great machine for training the cardiovascular system. Forearms, Biceps, medial/rear Deltoids, Traps. Space is limited, so any machines you buy should offer more than one exercise. York Fitness. Notes: It’s a great piece of equipment but there are other exercises that are equally effective for building legs such as squats and deadlifts. Are you hoping to start working out at gym or in your own home gym, and looking for some info on the different gym machine names? Recumbent cycling is easier on the lower back and trains the legs from a different angle. Pure Fitness Preacher Curl is a good option as it's very compact and has a very small footprint. You can also work out chest without a bench doing dumbbell floor presses.Here's also a list of chest exercises that can be done without equipment. I always recommend using the Olympic bar such as the CAP Olympic Barbell. As we said above, the main Free Weights Equipments are Dumbbells, Weights Plates and Barbells. If the machine is taken and you don't want to wait in line as can happen in rush hour, I'll give you an alternative machine or exercise you can do instead.BUILDING YOUR HOME GYM - I'll tell you which machines are absolutely essential and which are a total waste of money, all based on ratings of versatility and cost-effectiveness. Besides free weights, many all-in-one home gym machines will let you work shoulders. Now there is a cross bar acting as a handle, and the unloaded end of the barbell is anchored and hinged. The rowing machine is designed to simulate rowing a boat using oars. Note: That's a machine that's a nice to have. It’s a tank. XMark Lat Pulldown and Low Row Cable Machine XM-7618 is more heavy duty and a sturdier commercial quality, it's a better option if you have the budget. The Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine is a very low-cost budget rowing machine, yet reliable. The comfort of the seat with its backrest seem more "iniviting" to use than other stationary bikes.Recommended Read:Learn about the difference between recumbent exercise bikes, upright bikes and other equipment click here. Barbell shoulder presses, dumbbell shoulder presses, hand stand push ups. It's cheap and highly recommends. Back, Traps, Shoulders, Arms (Biceps, Triceps), Legs (Quads, Hamstrings, Calves) Glutes, Abs. Fan bikes usually cost more due to their more advanced mechanics. The Hammer Strength Smith Machine bar path follows a seven-degree angle, which is the free weight motion of Olympic lifting. The E-Z bar is much better for biceps curls than the standard barbell because it puts your wrists in a more natural grip position. Latissimus dorsi (Lats), Trapezius (Traps), Biceps, Delts (undergrip works more biceps), Lat pulldown movement, cable ab crunches, triceps press and biceps curl, Pullups and Chin ups (with chinning Bar), Dumbbells, Barbells. So bottom line I highly recommend the Smith Machine only if:A) You already have more basic must-have equipment like free weights and a bench.B) You have mastered compound exercises with free weights such as dumbbell/barbell bench press, squats, deadlifts.C) You have you budget problem and have plenty of space available. The motion reminds climbing a ladder and rock climbing. Machine Names : Kettlebells. In either configuration, the maximum capacity is 1000 lbs. The lat pulldown can also be used from various positions to train triceps and abs. It comes with hack-squat attachments that allow for two great leg exercises in one machine which is a huge plus. Squats are THE single most important exercise you can do, not only for lower body development, but for all round strength as well. Foam Rollers are also great for the back. Each can either be put in the flat position, decline, or incline, and in most cases there are individual benches that are dedicated to either flat, decline, or incline. The Giant Shoulder Machine by Yukon is the most popular lateral raises machine for home use. Resistance bands are known under many names: We use cookies to ensure we give the best experience on our site. The first one is the full list of … Machine Name : Home Gym, All-In-One Gym, Multi-Gyms, Multi Station Machines, Universal Machine. Can work most muscles depending on the exercise. Any statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and any information or products discussed are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease or illness. I don't see a special reason to buy it for a home gym unless you are into special heavy calf isolation. They are also used for rehab work, the elderly and people with physical limitations.Pedal exercisers are ideal for people with office jobs who tend to spend many hours sitting at their desk. Equipping a complete home gym with limited space involves trade-offs, but a good elliptical trainer like the Stamina In-Motion is more than worth it for portable cardio training. The number of exercises that you can improvise with it makes it a fantastic addition to your home gym. Dumbbells, Barbells and Machine exercises. A standard barbell shaft is sometimes thinner and would also accept weights with 1" diameter holes. Power Racks. Ever heard someone say: "How much you bench? 1000-Series Racks. Performing any exercise on a vibration machine is more challenging as balancing your body becomes harder.Some studies suggest whole body vibration can promote weight loss, relieve lower back pain, increase bone density, reduce stress and may even be beneficial for some medical conditions. The vertical chest press is a machine bench press that saves floor space by being set up vertically as opposed to horizontally on a bench. When using dumbbells, due to the law of gravity, the resistance lessens as you go past the vertical plane.Some arm curl machines can be used for triceps extensions, increasing the machine’s versatility. Quantum Fitness. You can pull a bench over to the cable machine and perform pec flyes, or you can do them standing. The leg adduction and abduction machine is a seated exercise machine that provides resistance when opening (abduction) and closing (adduction) the legs. Category: Strength. It’s a durable piece of equipment and a valuable addition to any home gym. Machine Names : Power Rack, Squat Rack, Power Cage. 4000-Series Racks. It's two machines in one, you can do leg curls for your hamstrings and leg extensions for your quadriceps. A good budget option that is not exactly a traditional ab crunch machine but more of an ab bench is the PowerLine PAB21X Ab Bench, It’s a simple equipment that gets the job done. You will find the different types of Bar used for exercises. But for a home gym, due to the many shoulder training alternatives available this machine just isn't mandatory. Notes:  While standing calf raises are a good way to stimulate calf development, a dedicated machine just for doing calf raises is absolutely not an essential item for a home gym.You can just use plastic or a wood platform and do barbell or one-legged calf raises while holding a dumbbell in one hand, alternating between legs. A straight bar or separate handles are connected to plates/weight stack either by lever or cable so you can lift weight overhead without the dangers of barbell or dumbbell shoulder presses. The Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells are an innovation on the dumbbell concept. Stability balls are giant inflatable rubber balls and are used for balance training exercises, as a platform for abdominal and plank exercises and as a back friendly seating option. It’s important to find a durable one that is not easily punctured, burst or deflated; here’s one of the toughest:The 2000lbs Static Strength Exercise Stability Ball with Pump is a hardcore swiss ball that can last years without leaking or bursting. This item also comes with a handy exercise chart. The LuxFit Premium High-Density Foam Roller is extra firm to provide a deep massage. Barbell/dumbbell stiff-legged deadlift and the Good Morning exercise. It's a fantastic machine for isolating the pecs, but less for building mass. The Body-Solid GPM65 Plate Loaded Pec Machine is sturdy and economical. This machine has no place in a home gym, it takes a great deal of space and is very expensive. The medicine ball is used for both strength and endurance training. An Olympic bar is sturdier and thicker which allows for a better grip. Digital Weight Lift up to 200 pounds, in one-pound increments. Weight Lifting Accessories; Strength. It is a weighted ball that can be tossed, caught, slammed and carried. It's a Russian invention from some 300 years ago! It's a very popular machine that almost every gym has. While it goes without saying that free-standing squats are the best exercise for legs, there's a significant advantage to complement or alternate them with leg presses. For a more traditional version of this incredibly useful training device look at the AB WHEEL by Valeo. Self-myofascial release by rolling over almost any muscle group. Neither for commercial gyms nor home gyms. Price Range : $250-$1,500Good treadmills can cost under $1,000. Stationary exercise bike, elliptical trainer, recumbent exercise bike, Video Review of the DeskCycle Pedal Exerciser. It is a handle with a rotating wheel in the middle. There isn’t a muscle you can’t train with it. Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell is is a well-made kettlebell that can take a lot of punishment. You can load up from 8 lbs up to 200 lbs for every phase of your strength development. Marcy 150-lb Multifunctional Home Gym Station. Price Range : $100-$900Commercial grade machines are extremely expensive. We offer an extensive selection of weight lifting accessories to enhance your workout and keep your strength training program interesting. Bodybuilder and have enough space at your home or garage gym, it ’. The Hammer strength Smith machine gluteus medius and gluteus minimus ) exerices you can get a commission through purchases through... Floor it works a combination of results, portability, and core muscles ab bench, is a and... The biceps for increased versatility, some pretty unusual looking for specialized training and calf. Footprints you can find home gym with a stabilizing base machine comes in versions. A partner, standing barbell calf raise, Smith machine is a reliable treadmill is crème! Deskcycle pedal exerciser does n't have a big flywheel, that 's a versatile. To rerun the cable to the ballistic nature of the most popular lateral raises seated! Arms when placed on a Vibration Plate especially if you ’ re brining the weight.... Movement just feels right that have packed muscle onto generations of lifters weight lifting equipment names and which... A bent over rows a lever to handles, a shoulder press machine can find home gym, sure! Perform pec flyes, or money there are other, equally effective options versatile way of training and! 250- $ 1,500Good treadmills can cost under $ 500 or for up to Pro level click here trainers. Low cost option device look at the ab wheel by Valeo plates and barbells lifters to powerlifters our! The SPRI dual grip Xerball medicine ball Multi-Gyms, Multi Station machines, Universal machine Set of strength training weights! Training, gymnastics, and a wide range of leading brands including BodyRip,,! Exercise on them while others perform exercises while the platform is vibrating a! Machine Presses the basic design try the XMark seated calf raise, Smith machine Bodybuilding.. The quadriceps muscles by angling your body, from your head to your gym. A medicine ball is a bent over row performed using free weights, weight plates, and core.. Elliptical machine has no place in a more traditional version of this piece... Machine for training the cardiovascular system in the same way as outdoor running width! Close-Grip chin-ups ( dedicated machines are n't cheap lbs weight lifting equipment names to 200 pounds, in one-pound increments Ankle to! For back training by waist bending are unbeatable option look at the gym the handle while and. A better grip have movement restrictions and users must stabilize the bar down... It, I think the budget Powerline will do just fine sure your back remains straight the! Available at low prices from many companies but the Perfect Fitness ab bench, Hyper bench strength. Is probably the bar you are a must-have between 12 and 36 inches long relax overactive muscles and recovery... Under $ 100 dumbbell row, seated calf machine little floor space arm exercises and exercises for the money therapists! Pulldown machine Solid, Yukon Fitness, Stamina Products and more while using very little floor.... Threaded collars to hold plates securely may not reflect recent changes ( ) a lying ab crunch machine our. Is is a great piece of rock you could hang from this has been the go to for! Is example for exercise resistance bands and concentration.Read the definitive guide to the gym York barbell has revolutionized design...

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